"God forbid that I should go to any heaven
in which there are no horses."

–R.B. Cunningham Graham
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A Winning Mindset for Equestrians - WILL BE RESCHEDULED
TBD - Retama Equestrian Center
Melissa Walker is a licensed therapist and lifelong amateur equestrian. Her Winning Mindset clinics offer riders an introduction into understanding the emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are getting in the way of riding their best, and having their best relationship with their horse. Her clinics help the riders get in tune with their body, thoughts, emotions, and equine partner. Participants can expect to finish the clinic with more insight into their own emotional and thinking processes and how these affect their horse.


Freestyle Symposium with Cynthia Collins - RESCHEDULED
November 13-15, San Antonio Rose Palace
Our annual spring symposium will feature Cynthia Collins from Luna Tunes Freestyle design.  Some of Cynthia clients include Hilda Gurney and Heather Mason! Besides being a freestyle designer over the last two decades, Cynthia Collins has designed freestyles at all levels, including PARA and Western Dressage.  She is also a freestyle competitor and puts herself and her work in the ring and in front of judges.  She knows first-hand what riders are experiencing.  She was also a Technical Delegate for many years so she has been able to talk with judges on the latest trends and thoughts for judging freestyles.  This has proven to be of great benefit to her clients.   She does not sell "stock" freestyles as she believes all freestyles are personalized for each horse and rider.  All freestyles are custom.  


NEW! Education Committee


ADA has a new Education committee lead by Lisa Mattson, our new Education Chair.  Committee members include Karen Silvers and Debra Peterson. 

Cash Back for Education   

This program encourages ADA members to further their dressage education by offering $50 “cash back” to subsidize their costs for clinic and symposiums. One must write a short article for how they used Cash Back and what they learned. This can not be used with an an ADA sponsored function.    Click here for application form!  IMPORTANT! Forms must be postmarked within 30 days of completion of the event!  Must have been a member for 60 days and volunteer 3 hours at an ADA event to receive reimbursement!   If you haven't earned your volunteer hours you can still apply and will be reimbursed once you have fulfilled the volunteer requirement.

Junior/Young Rider Cash Back for Education 

ADA JR/YR Members may be eligible for up to a $100 cash back annually to attend Dressage or horsemanship educational events. This includes lessons with instructors, riding in clinics and auditing fees. Reimbursements are made on a first come, first served basis until the Junior Cash Back fund of $1500 is exhausted annually. Please note that JR/YR members are still eligible to apply for ADA Cash Back for Education as well but not for the same event. Click Here for eligibility information and Junior/Young Rider Cash Back for Education application form! For questions, contact Tracy Augustine at tracy_augustine@yahoo.com   or call 830-388-0451.

ADA Members and "L" Graduates attending Part 1 of the Improving Your Judging Eye with Kathy Rowse USEF "S" Dressage Judge. Two of our "L" Grads came all the way from California and Illinois!

Part 2 of the Improving Your Judging Eye with Kathy Rowse, USEF "S" Dressage Judge.

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